X-Nav Guided Dental Implant Surgery

3D Real-time Guided Surgery

Implant Navigation system expands the surgeon’s control over
the implant process during live surgery.



Implant Navigation system expands the surgeon’s control overthe implant process during live surgery. It’s like GPS for placing dental implants.


It’s like a GPS for placing dental implants.

We will not compromise

We are proud that many of the patients who we successfully treat were previously told elsewhere that there was no hope, there wasn’t enough bone, or that they were not suitable candidates.

Bone atrophy (bone loss) is a natural phenomenon that occurs after the extraction of teeth. Bone atrophy is progressive and is accelerated by wearing dentures. Advanced atrophy prevents dental implants from being placed without the need for bone grafting. Even when there are teeth still present, severe infections or gum disease can cause the destruction of the jawbone. Such patients may often be deemed unsuitable for conventional treatment with dental implants.

Zygoma and pterygoid implants are designed for patients with bone loss in the upper jaw and are used as an alternative to bone grafting. Both implants are specially designed longer implants. The zygoma implants are tilted during placement and avoid the soft, inadequate bone in the upper jaw. They anchor into the underside of the cheekbone where the bone is extremely dense. This technique ensures a strong foundation to support immediate replacement teeth without bone grafting.

Traditionally, patients with advanced bone loss in the upper jaw would require various types of sinus grafts or jawbone grafts. Bone grafts must be allowed to consolidate before the new bone can be relied upon for supporting implants and teeth. When sinus bone grafts are performed the patient will typically wait 6-12 months before teeth are permanently fixed to implants in the region. During the waiting period, patients wear a denture, if they haven’t already been wearing one.

What is X-NAV Technology?

Our practice has integrated Cone Beam 3D imaging into dental implant placement surgery. The results is increased accuracy and precision in dental implant planning and dental implant placement. The X-NAV technology allows our surgeons to control the exact placement of implant POSITION, ANGLE and DEPTH with guided Navigation during live surgery.


How does this benefit patients?

  • Increased precision of dental implant placement
  • Less time in the chair for patients
  • Faster turnaround time for dentists and labs
  • No more messy dental impressions that cause patients to gag
  • Digital impressions are sent directly to the dentist and lab
  • More predictable and precise workflow
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Traditional Bone Grafting

Traditional methods have been associated with risks that included sinusitis and oro-antral fistula (an open communication between the sinus and oral cavity) because of the thinness of the bone and the implants being placed through the sinus space and are susceptible to bacterial cultivation that has led to those risks. In addition, 6-12 months of time will elapse before any teeth can be inserted on this newly grafted sinus bone.
Florida dental implants jacksonville

Natural Teeth Fast™

A new approach used at the Natural Teeth Implant Center draws on our experience in sinus augmentation and involves overcoming the anatomical limitations of the jawbone. Our technique is a combination of various proven methods that have been put together to help improve the outcome and reduce the risks.

The main benefits of the Natural Teeth Fast™ compared to the traditional zygoma implants:

-More accurate positioning of the implants
-Optimized the restorative and aesthetic outcome
-Reduce the associated risks of complications

During the consultation and CT scan, our team will determine if you are a candidate for Natural Teeth Fast™. If you are a candidate, we will share with you the plan and a predicted outcome to restore appearance, function, and comfort with the use of our sophisticated software system.

Dental Implant Placement Using X-Guide

X-Guide operates seamlessly with our existing dental implantation technology and acts as a “GPS for the drill.” Prior to beginning your oral surgery, we will take impressions of your jaws using X-clip devices. These impression cubes are only slightly larger than your molars and fit comfortably in your mouth, taking on the shape of your teeth over the next five minutes. Once the X-clip impressions are ready, we can use them to take highly detailed scans. Next, we use advanced software to personalize your procedure and determine the ideal location for your dental implants. This step is especially important for specialized placements.

A study featured in the Journal of Oral Implantology found that the X-Guide system is approximately 11 times more accurate than freehand techniques in implant placement. 

As many implants as it takes

As many as it takes

Natural Teeth™ is engineered for the long-haul starting with the foundation. The traditional All-on-4™ method has just 4 implants per jaw. That may be the right plan for you but we often place more implants to increase the support for your permanent teeth. The number of implants required for your specific case depends on how many teeth are being replaced, the biting forces, and the quality of the bone. Whether it's 4, 6, or even 8 implants we only have one fee. As many as it takes, no added costs.

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