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Natural Teeth™ is better.

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We will not compromise

We start with your The Trial Smile™ which is a non-removable, rigid, yet shock absorbent material that protects the newly placed implants. The final Natural Teeth™ are then made from Zirconia (a durable, highly esthetic and bacteria resistant surface). We never use Zirconia early on as it transmits force to the implants and can potentially disturb healing in the early stages.

ZERO compromise

Just 18 hours after implants are placed you will have a custom-crafted, fixed Trial Smile™ bridge. In as little as 7-days, you will have your permanent Natural Teeth™. 

Restore your smile

Natural Teeth™️ Designs

Our in-house lab is outfitted with cutting-edge technologies, highly trained master technicians, and the most advanced milling machines in the world. We control everything under one roof. As a result, we can deliver predictable successful outcomes time and again.

Natural Teeth™️ Design Center

Our in-house lab gives us unprecedented control of your teeth. Natural Teeth™️ Designs is outfitted with cutting-edge technologies that make planning, crafting, and finishing your teeth as natural as possible. When you visit Natural Teeth Implant Center and the Natural Teeth™️ Design Center you will get a sense that from start to finish, you are in great hands. Our work is our passion and it shows time and again in our predictable outcomes. Our proof is truly in our patients.

No bone? Natural Teeth FAST™ Zygoma.

If you have had periodontal disease that erodes your jawbone, or if you have been wearing a denture for years, the chances are that you have limited bone in your upper jaw. Dental implants need to have bone to anchor into, so patients historically have limited options. To avoid bone grafting and open the doors to a permanent Natural Teeth™ smile, we use one of the most advanced dental options in the world.

Zygoma and pterygoid implants bypass the areas in your upper jaw with limited bone and engage on the underside of your cheek. Now you can have immediate teeth, without bone grafting or long-healing times. To learn more click here.

As many as it takes

The All-on-4® procedure, as its name implies, uses 4 implants in each jaw to provide support to teeth. Patients typically require more implants to increase the support of permanent teeth. At Natural Teeth Implant Center, we plan the number of implants for your specific case depending on how many teeth are being replaced, the biting forces, and the quality of the bone. Whether it’s 4, 6, or even 8 implants, we only have one fee for our traditional implants. As many as it takes, no added costs.

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As many implants as it takes

As many as it takes

Natural Teeth™ is engineered for the long-haul starting with the foundation. The traditional All-on-4™ method has just 4 implants per jaw. That may be the right plan for you but we often place more implants to increase the support for your permanent teeth. The number of implants required for your specific case depends on how many teeth are being replaced, the biting forces, and the quality of the bone. Whether it's 4, 6, or even 8 implants we only have one fee. As many as it takes, no added costs.

Why Us.

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Just 18 hours

Arrive in the morning and rest comfortably during the procedure. Just 18 hours later you will have a fixed Trial Smile™ bridge on implants. What are you waiting for? It truly is that simple.

Two bridges, not just one

It’s a big investment and you deserve the best. Get fixed teeth in less than a day and give it a spin before committing to your final Natural Teeth™ in as little as 7 days.

Unprecedented backing

We cover both the implants AND the implant bridge for 5 years with proper care and we offer a SecureSmile maintenance program. Cleaning, exams, and x-rays all included.


The Trial Smile™ bridge is made from a lightweight yet strong resin that is 3X the strength of PMMA. It has a slight flex to absorb forces but rigid enough to splint the implants together for protection during healing.

The Natural Teeth™ bridge is made from titanium and zirconia. Your teeth will be extremely durable and highly esthetic. The hardness of the material makes it resistant to fracturing or chipping. The smooth, non-porous and biocompatible surface makes it resistant to stains and it won’t absorb odors or attract plaque and bacteria.

Technically, yes. We deliver a temporary bridge in 18 hours and we have the technology and ability to deliver a final zirconia bridge in as little as 7 days.

The All-on-4® procedure, as its name implies, uses 4 implants in each jaw to provide a plastic, acrylic bridge, or PMMA bridge. Unfortunately, if 4 implants are not adequate for a given patient and one implant fails, the entire process has to be redone. The old adage applies:  “All on 4, none on 3!”

Natural Teeth™ uses typically uses up to 8 implants per arch. There are rare instances where we will place only 4 implants but this is not the norm. During your examination and plan review will discuss how many implants you need and why. In addition, Natural Teeth™ is reinforced with a rigid substructure to provide support to the zirconia teeth above while giving a lightweight, natural feel.

Natural Teeth™ is a permanent implant-supported bridge to replace all of your missing teeth. It is the strongest, most functional, and aesthetic nanoceramic available. It provides exceptional rigidity while still having a slight flex to absorb stress. This combination results in an incredibly durable, beautiful tooth replacement option that will both look and feel like natural teeth.

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