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$904 Single Tooth Implant*

Limited Time New Year Pricing
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*Additional procedures and fees may apply. Dental Implant (D6010)

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$904 Single Tooth Implant*

Limited time New Year Pricing
0% financing available OAC

*Includes D6010 only, other procedures and charger may apply


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At Natural Teeth Implant Center we’re proud of the comprehensive range of dental implants we’re able to offer to our patients, including single tooth dental implants.

We always recommend replacing a missing tooth – or soon to be extracted tooth – wherever possible. This is because we not only know how much a missing tooth can affect the smile confidence of our patients, but also because a missing tooth can lead to further issues. These issues include food and debris getting lodged in the gap, the remaining teeth moving to fill the gap, and possible bone loss.

Single tooth dental implants are held in place via a metal screw – usually made of titanium – that acts as the new ‘root’ for your prosthetic tooth. Because of this, single tooth dental implants offer patients a comfortable and secure option when replacing a missing tooth.

As with all our implants and dental restorations, our approach to single tooth dental implants is rooted in aesthetics and artistry while still maintaining and promoting complete function. This means we’re able to provide our patients with a dental implant that looks as natural as possible while returning comfort and full function to the tooth.

Single tooth dental implants are usually administered over two appointments, and we will first have to assess whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.

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